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LCM modules use matters needing attention
The publisher:adminRelease time:2011-10-7 17:21:56Read:7071

Module use matters needing attention

1-1. Installation
The LCD module is installed on the PCB installation hole assembly by the use of equipment, because the modules inside the display consists of two pieces of thin glass, very easy to damage, therefore, should be particularly careful in installation and application.
1-2. Clean processing module
When cleaning the module, take a little solvent with a soft cloth dipped in (recommended) can graze.
-Isopropyl alcohol
Avoid wipe the display surface so as not to damage the polarizer with dry or hard materials.
Do not use the following solvent:
-Aromatic compounds
1-3.To prevent static electricity
Drive IC with LCD module for C-MOS large scale integrated circuit. So do not put any unused input terminal to VDD or Vss, do not enter any signal to the module in the before power on, and the operator's body, working table, assembly station grounding, installation of equipment to prevent static electricity.
The LCD module to avoid severe vibration, or falling from height.
In order to prevent the module aging, avoid in direct sunlight or in high temperature, high humidity environment or working storage.
1-5.Operation (note)
The LCD module must be driven in the voltage range specified, is higher than the driving voltage regulation will shorten the life of LCD module.
Direct current will cause the LCD degradation, thus avoiding the use of DC drive.
The response time of LCD will be significantly extended temperature lower than the operating temperature range, higher than the working temperature range, LCD dark.
The above phenomenon will return to normal in recovery working temperature range, product quality problem is not. If
is in the working state, the display area is forcibly pressed, some characters will display error, but closed after a return to normal.
The electrode terminals of the condensation due to the electrochemical reaction lead to open circuit.
The maximum operating temperature, humidity should be less than 50%RH.
1-6 storage
if long-term storage (such as one year) recommended the use of the following methods:
- module filled polyethylene plastic bags, moisture-proof.
- placed in avoid light and temperature in the storage temperature range specified place. Any object touches the polarizer surface to avoid storage in
-. (advice delivery is stored in the inner packaging bag) LCD module
1-7. security
recommendations will be damaged or unwanted into pieces and LCD using ethanol and propanol clean, which should be burned up later.
if inadvertently LCD screen damaged inner leakage liquid crystal stick in hand, please wash with soap and water clean.

2.The use of attention to matters

2-1. In the supply and demand sides agreed to provide a certain number of samples for evaluation, to provide a certain number of samples by consultation between the two sides of the way. In the sample is identified, confirmed the samples will be used for batch evaluation.
2-2. The following situation, settled through consultation between the two sides
-This specification have problems; new problems not specified in this specification when
- when the customer to the inspection specification and conditions of use change when problems occur;
- had the new problems when the module of sample size in the client installation assessment, and thus the dispute


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