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LCD display,liquid crystal display module LCM?products?note
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Liquid crystal display,liquid crystal display module products note 

A, whole note
1. LCD uses the power supply must be used AC, DC power will destroy the LC effect of LCD life;
2. LCD do not be a long time in the strong sunlight use or work, especially UV (ultraviolet) light;
3. LCM must do a good job of electrostatic protection work in the assembly and use of the process, such as ion fan, electrostatic gun etc.;
B,PIN requirements  
1. A welding method of metal based PIN will be installed in the LCD, from the glass end to PCB length of at least 5mm welding position, welding temperature must be below 260 DEG C, and the welding time must be within 10 seconds, in order to avoid damage to the device in the welding process, to ensure the welding performance. At 230 degrees, 30 seconds to 90% conditions, the solder is closely attached to a PIN;
2. The position of the adjustment must be done before the installation of the LCD base plate or a base PIN welding. It is strictly prohibited to move violently radical PIN, otherwise they will be mechanically destroyed connection point between LCD and PIN based screen. Welding flat LCD, try not to let the LCD stress;
3. Welding of LCD substrate, to be inserted into a PCB slot, balance, so as to avoid damage to the base PIN or LCD substrate;
4. When welding, LCD substrate should not be a long time in the solder steam, cleaning PCB, must avoid the contamination of LCD substrate, polarizer or may damage the display surface and sealing glue;
5. Protective film until the surface of the display can be torn off the completion of welding, prohibit contacting polarizer fingers and other hard objects, no water and other chemical substances contamination device, because these substances pollute the display surface;
C,Safety instructions
   Liquid crystal can't swallow touch, if accidentally stained hands immediately wash with water.
D,The use of guide 
        LCD is the result of precision machining, special orientation processing of glass products, if the pressure on LCD, the orientation will be destroyed to return to the initial state, if the fall or collision with a hard object is easy to rupture, especially the edge of LCD, must pay attention to avoid the surface bump。
E,Assembly instructions
1.The LCD screen and a circuit board connection, recommend the use of rubber or soft belt is connected, can not be directly welding or mechanical connection, PIN screens allow welding PIN;
2. The assembly, must be careful not too hard fingers press the display surface. Otherwise, the work would cause failure or shorten its service life;
3. The working voltage of DC or driving voltage higher than LCD can reduce LCD service life;
4. Must be careful LCD transport process, if the screen is pollution, use alcohol wipe dirt;
5. Polarizer is soft and easy to damage, should be careful operation, if the protection of the pasted on anti damage or contamination of the touch, when use must uncover;
6. Dry with a soft cloth to wipe, polarizer, such as do not wipe clean, please with a small amount of gasoline wipe the dirt, as far as possible to avoid the use of organic solvents;
7. Before the heat sealing or paste ACF, use alcohol to wipe the screen;
8. The LCD screen is sensitive device electrically driven, the electrode can not be cut, otherwise it will not display; 
F,Storage instruction
1. Avoid high temperature storage. Long time storage, screen should be at 15 DEG C - 35 DEG C temperature relative humidity is less than or equal to 65% conditions。 
2. LCD screen should be stored in a dark place, avoid direct sunlight or fluorescent lamp;
3. Careful not to LCD screen has water or moisture otherwise it will damage the polarizer or broken electrode erosion;
4. In the demolition before packaging must take the finger sleeve or gloves; avoid fingers on the leave surface seal LCD;
5. To remove LCD from the foam box must be a grain of take out and gently, and LCD should be placed neatly, do not allow the LCD placed at random. Remove the LCD does not allow direct put on the work table, also can not be placed in the dirt inside the box;
6. Can't remove the LCD collision with each other, avoid polarizer top scratch;
7. Remove spacer strip in time, do not allow the one-time parting strips out of all, must be a turn out, to avoid the collapse angle LCD


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