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Overseas Marketing Agent
深圳捷胜伟业电子有限公司 Shenzhen Jictechlcd CO.,Ltd
地址/Add.:深圳龙岗区坂田上雪科技园9区D栋4楼/4th Floor, Building D, East Block No. 9, Shangxue S&T Industrial Park, Longgang District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China
联系人/Attn.:Henry Zhang(MP:86-13714014655)

Shenzhen' office
电 话/Tel:18925208034
传 真/FAX:0755-27781293
地 址/Add:深圳宝安区西乡银田工业区雍启商务大厦A栋215室/Shenzhen Baoan District Xixiang Yintian Industrial Zone Yong Kai commerce building A Building Room 215
联系人/Attn:商彪/Shang Biao:13265621521 18943920498

Shanghai' office
电 话/Tel:021-58935066 50123621
传 真/FAX:021-38810516转18分机
地 址/Add:上海市浦东新区蔡路镇勤俭程家宅4号/Shanghai Pudong New Area Cailu town thrift Cheng House No. 4
联系人/Attn:马 佳/Ma Jia:18633319601 陈庆华/Chen QingHua:13311903880

驻 北 京 办 事 处 Beijing' office
电 话/Tel:010-67257152
地 址/Add:北京市丰台区石榴庄路石榴园北里16号楼5-502/Beijing danliuzhuang road in the city of Fengtai District Shiliuyuan North Lane Building 16 5-502
联系人/Attn:左立超/Zuo LiChao:18633318235

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